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You Have Chosen your Path, and the winner is . . .



  You look towards Traverse Town, your heart pounding at the thought of Sora in that little cage. He needed help . . .

  But who are you to fight in this condition? How did any hero ever rescue anybody when they were bruised and beaten like you are now?

  Maybe Sora did, but you are not him. You feel that all you would do in your current status is get in the way. So, you decide to rest for the night. But you have to find a place where Axel won't find you. As soon as you're all healed up, you'll decide what to do next.

  You stumble to your feet, holding your injured elbows as you rose. You glance around at the forest clearing. The sky above doesn't allow a moon to shine as guidance, so you just push yourself through the nearest set of trees.


  You haven't gotten too far before your body begins to shut down. You grunt as the pain sends another "STOP" through your body. The world is spinning 'round and 'round--until it all becomes to much for your to stand on your feet. You rock back on your heels, cascading to the ground. "Here is as good as any place to rest," you mutter as your head and back connect with the grass below.

  Just as you fall asleep, someone comes over to you and lifts you into their arms. You rustle only slightly and they carry you off towards a cave that you almost made it to. When they're just inside it, they pull a make-shift leaf curtain over the entrance. It's a brilliant disguise. If you could see it, you'd probably think that.


  Someone leans down and kisses your forehead. You refrain from moving; you don't know who this is or what they think they're doing, but you don't approve. You want until you hear them shift back and you slowly open your eyes. A few feet away is yet another boy (as if there wasn't enough).  He has spikey blonde hair and wears a black shirt. You sit up, his white jacket falling off of your torso and onto your legs. You stare at him; he's the one that kissed your head? He's cute, you must admit. And there's something very familiar about him . . .

  "Ugh," you mutter, holding your head. "This amnesia is really getting to me. Everyone is familiar, but I can't remember anything." At least you've healed up physically.

  "Well," the boy says. "We've only really met once." You look over at him, meeting his eyes that reflect the beautiful sky surely hidden behind the dark cloud.

  "Roxas," you speak. The boy nods.

  "You recognize me." You stare at him a little longer, a vague, hazy memory sailing through your mind. You can only make out shapes, but one boy's figure suddenly becomes two. You don't know what it means.

  "I don't know what I recognize," you answer honestly. Roxas gives you a very small smile. "How do I know you?" Roxas closes his eyes for a moment, thinking, putting his words together into the perfect phrase. He opens them to you again.

  "Because you released me." You're taken aback, the memory's mist clearing all at once in your head.

  Sora. Roxas. One, and the same. Split in two because of something you did.

  "I'm not like Sora," Roxas goes on. "I'm willing to tell you what you've forgotten." The look in his shared eyes is determined. This is what you want, right? To know your past? To remember who you are . . .

  And who you love? That seems to be the biggest obstacle. You seem to think that it's Sora, but could you be wrong?  You sit in silence.

  "I'll first tell you how you set me free," Roxas decides aloud. "I used to be seperate from Sora, but in order to get his memories back, I had to reunite with him. Something has changed that. A man came to Sora one day because the girl he and his friend loved was dying. She was being consumed by her own Darkness, even though her powers centered around the Light." You see the scene as though you are right there, right in Sora's arms. But you are limp; why? You can't move; how is that possible? You can only watch as Roxas goes on. "Sora, his best friend, and the girl had gone to defeat the man. But when they arrived, they came to realize that the girl's greatest power was also her greatest pain; her body is meant to absorb the Darkness that the other man holds within him. No one ever thought about what would happen if she completed that task, though.

  "The man promised her life at the expense of her memories, for if she could not remember her powers, then how could she use them? Sora and his friend's love for the girl gave them no other choice, they agreed to the man's request on one condition; that she wouldn't be hurt by the man or anything else if they did this. The man agreed and had a girl named Namine erase her memories completely, therefore erradicating her abilities as well. That's what they thought, at least.

  "A panic awakened her during the process as the mental strain of losing all of her memories at once became too much. She pressed her palms on the floor, opening a portal that made her fall from the sky to another place. Her memories were successfully erased, but no one realized that what would happen to the Darkness inside her if they just made her forget she held it. The Darkness escaped from her body and is now the very cloud that hovers in the sky above us. Sora and his friend hurried after her, both with different ideas of what to do when they found her. 

  "A third follower came, too; one who'd promised her he'd always be there to watch over her, this Vessel of Darkness. No one would've ever imagined that this girl could cause so much pain in the worlds." Roxas meets your eyes, waiting for you to say something now. You bow your head in shame.

  "The girl is me, isn't it?" You say, though you already know the answer.

  "Yes." You remember; you remember the girl Namine standing over you and sucking the memories dry from your brain. You remember flipping out at the pain it made you and your heart feel.  All you could think about was getting away from the girl who was hurting you. You'd made yourself fall, but not before you became the amensiac everyone knew today.

  "That still doesn't explain how you came to be, Roxas," you state. Roxas lowers his head.

  "When you were fighting that man, the Darkness you absorbed started to grow and flail out of control. You must've summoned me from Sora without realizing it." You nod; for some strange reason, that makes sense. You glance up at Roxas; he's staring at you with this expression of utter wonder, though he tries to keep his face serious.

  "I still don't remember everything," you tell him. "Why are there still so many holes?"

  "Because you need something to awaken them, something stronger than Namine's powers."

  "Do you have that kind of power?" Roxas shakes his head.

  "No, but I do possess the ability to activate it." You push Roxas' jacket off of your legs.

  "Then do it."

  "I'll only do it if you're sure that this is what you want."

  "This is what I want, Roxas," you state without hesitation. "This is what I've been searching for since I dropped from the sky. I can't remember who I am or who I care about most. Who do I love? I want to remember that more than anything."

  "When I do this and you regain your memories, you will have to accept the consequences and decide what to do next. I can't help you much after this." You nod.

  "I understand." Roxas rises to his feet and you follow. He approaches you and stares into your eyes.

  "Are you ready, then?" He holds out his hand. You take it.

  "Yes," you say. Roxas gently tugs on your hand and presses his lips to yours. You're mind is being swallowed by the emotion that sweeps over you, completely distracting you from any and all things going on around you. Sora hadn't wanted you to remember because he said it would hurt you; why? What could be bad about remembering? Especially if it felt like this?

  Not that it matters, because your body suddenly decides that it's going to kiss Roxas back. The moment you do, though, you're nearly knocked over by a gust of wind that only you seem to feel. All of your memories are coming back and at full force. You want to scream; it hurts just as bad as when Namine took them away from you if not worse. But you just focus on Roxas' kiss. It keeps you grounded and sane as you regain everything you ever lost.

  One particular memory comes to mind, though it refuses to become clear. You're kissing someone just like this, but it isn't Roxas. Who is it? You can't see his face; all you know is that he loves you . . .

  And you love him, whoever he is.

  You body starts to glow a brilliant white and before you know it, it's inside of you as well, filling your heart until it's ready to explode with a lusterous lantern's beam.

  Then, all too soon, it subsides and the wind dies down. Roxas pulls away from you, lingering a single moment over your lips. His breath is suddenly cool; maybe he felt the wind afterall. You let out the air cooped up in your lungs; had you been holding that in the whole time? Roxas looks almost sad now.

  "Do you remember everything?" He ask. You shake your head.

  "There's still one that I can't seem to get a hold of." The kiss.

  Roxas seems to know what memory you mean. "It's because it was someone else. The only way you'll remember it is if you embrace him once again." You sigh. Still a bit of an amnesiac, huh? This was getting old.

  But at least you remember everything else.

  You can feel the presence of something big in the distance and your head swoops to the cave entrance. Roxas follows the gaze.

  "C'mon," he says, taking your hand and leading you outside. You look to Traverse Town and sense the biggest aura of Darkness you'd ever felt before. Darkness you're meant to absorb.

  "Roxas," you say, walking forward and dropping his hand. "I have to go there." You don't know why; you just know that is where you need to be.

  "I understand." Roxas says. "You're destiny is yours to choose now that your memory is back. You'll get to decide what path you take with the knowledge of who you are as your guide." You take a quick glimpse of him and his sad countanence. 

  "Thank you for everything." You start to walk away, but stop. There's something you need to know.

  "Roxas, if we've only met once, then how is it you care for me so much?" He looks deep into your eyes.

  "I've been in Sora all this time. I've seen what he's seen, felt what he's felt . . . he loves you very much. And so do I." You nod sadly, but smile anyway.

  "I see. Thank you again for everything." You return your gaze to Traverse Town. One day, you'll have to return Roxas to Sora; how will they be complete otherwise? But for now, you need to find that Darkness. You point your hand to the ground and create a portal that looks down above the town's square. You fall into it and land . . .

  Right in the middle of a battle.

  "____________!!" Sora, Axel, and Riku all cry out. You look behind you at them, smiling. With that gesture, you can tell that everyone knows that you remember.

  "Hey, guys," you greet cheerfully. A man laughs and you whirl back around.

  "So, you've regained what you've lost." The man's black hood is off and you can see all of his face. His hair is whiter than the moon, his skin a dark tan that brings it out. His eyes are yellow, like a cursed cat. The Darkness eminates from his every pore.

  "Xemnas," you state.

  "You do remember me." He's mocking you with his sarcastic tone; Nobodies like him don't feel.

  "I remember enough." He grins.

  "Now you have a choice to make." You roll your eyes; another one? Even if you knew it was coming, it's ridiculous.

  "What are my choices?"

  "You know them already."

  That's right, you do. Above you is a hanging cloud of Darkness; the very one you released when you lost your memories. You can absorb it now and use its power to defeat Xemnas.

  "No, _________!!" Riku cries out behind you. You look at the boys in surprise. "It's not worth it! Don't take it the Darkness!!"

  "Please, _______," Sora begs, "listen to us! This is what we've tried to protect you from!! Just let us fight Xemnas!"

  "This is what I'm meant to do!" You tell them. "My body is made to absorb Darkness!"

  "That doesn't mean you have to do it!" Axel yells back. "Who knows what could happen to you!!"

  "But I can do this!!" You say back. "And besides, it's my choice; what I think is the only thing that matters."

  You admit, you are hesitant on using your powers. You don't even know how the Darkness will affect you. But it is the most efficient way to kill Xemnas off for good.

  On the other hand, your powers center around Light. It would take A LOT more effort and strain on your body to defeat Xemnas with them, but you wouldn't have to risk using Darkness.

  Or you could even sacrifice yourself. This is an option you're not particularly fond of because it will not only involve the difficult task of melding Darkness and Light into one, but it will mean you possibly fading from existance. However, it will get the job done quickly and will ensure the safety of those you care about.  No one will die except you and Xemnas; your loved ones will never have to deal with him or the Darkness above again.

  So, these are your options.

  :bulletblack: Darkness.

  :bulletwhite: Light.

  :bulletpurple: Your Death for their Lives.  

  "No matter how it ends," Roxas' voice suddenly says. You touch your chest; you're communicating with his heart. "It will be your destiny and no one else's." You close your eyes and smile. It's time to make a choice and time to fulfill your destiny . . .

 To save the one you truly love.

This is the last choice for this path. I purposely didn't tell you who you'll end up with and instead gave you the choice of how you'll save the world. Each choice has a boy assigned to it, but I'm so cruel and dastardly that I'm not going to tell you who is where!! Mwahahahaha!!!!!!

I've realized that this story has been more about you than the romance, but I think all girls want a chance to be in a world where they're the last hope for saving it, don't you? I mean, who here DOESN'T dream of being in the KH world with Sora, Riku, and the others? Don't worry, I'll make sure there's plenty of mush and romance in the ending. You guys just have to decide which risks you're willing to take to save the KH world.

Oh, and don't expect to know the answers of who's where. These choices aren't obvious. :evillaugh: You'll just have to go with what your gut tells ya.


I don't own KH or its characters (or you). I only own the story.


Prologue: [link]
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: Here
Part 3: [link]
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