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July 12, 2011
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For Ciel Phantomhive Lovers

  You look out into the crowd past the red curtain.
  Another show in another new town. Great.
  At least these guys look like decent people. Maybe they won't throw stuff at your head.
  You return to reality and head back to make-up to get ready. As you're finishing up, you wonder why people have always hated you. You were just like them; a human with feelings and clothes. Yet every time you meet someone, they seem to hate you instantly. You look in the mirror. Your blood-stained red eyes look back at you with their black pupils pointing upwards like a moon laying on its back. You seem normal enough. So why did no one but the circus accept you?
  The loud horn calls out; it's your turn to go on.
  You step out from the curtain and onto a high platform. The crowd below stares at you. You just smile--as you'd been told to do--and bend your knees in a ready dismount. You jump.
  Falling held no fear for you. You'd done it a million times before that and no matter what tricks you did differently, the result was always the same.
  When you're inches from the ground, a woman screams. She seems to be yelling something like, "God, save the girl! She's going to break her legs!!" But to her surprise, you land very gracefully on the ground, no bones broken. The crowd slowly begins to clap, unsure of whether to applaud your performance or something freak out at it.
  You see a boy watching you with his one eye--he looks about your age. You tilt your head at him. He's the one who started the clapping, and he was the only one enthusiastically doing so.  He seems to be sure of what he wants to do. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to involve hitting you.
  Your master, the Ring Leader, goes on to talk about how you can make flames come from the crevices of your body. The only thought going through your mind then is, Thank God I'm wearing my flame-retardant suit.
  You await your cue, then ignite yourself. People scream. They seem to want to save you again.
  You next cue is given and you allow only your arms to be filled with flame. Then you proceed to do some tricks involving throwing and catching fire balls here and there. When you finish, you extinguish all flames and bow. The crowd is silent.
  "She's….she's a DEMON!!"  Someone yells. Your head bobs up.
  No, not again.
  "No, she's a witch!"
  Please not again!!
  "Then we should REALLY burn her!!" The Ring Leader tries to calm everyone down, but it's no use. They have things in their hands now and are throwing them at you. You body becomes covered in beer bottle shards and vegetables.  You want them to stop, to actually look at you and realize just who you are. But they won't. You would never be accepted by society.
  Your arms twitch, then ignite on their own. Next your throwing fire at people, lighting them on fire for a change. Only they don't have the talent to withstand it like you do.
  Your dark half wanted to burn them all!  But someone's arm touches you, melting away the flames from that spot.
  "Come now," a man in a tailcoat says to you.  "My Master would like a word with you."  You see that the man has red-colored eyes just like you. Hesitantly glancing back at the dancing flames that was the circus, you obey and follow the man.

  You later wake up in a dark room. The bed you slept on wasn't your own; it didn't feel like beaten straw under your muscles. It felt more like fine feathers…
  The same boy you'd seen before is patting your head with a cloth.  You look up at him. His one blue eye seems to ignore you.
  On the sheets, you smell an awful stench that you knew all too well. You look down and see that the bed was covered in black; it had be scalded. You did do this in your nightmares sometimes.
  You quickly sit up, but the boy pushes you back down.
  "Stay there," he says. "You've been hurt and I can't wash off the blood if you don't sit still."  You notice that your head is pounding. A beer bottle had been thrown there…. Apparently, you were bleeding from it.
  "Why did you help me?" You ask curiously.  "Most people run away from me."
  "I'm not afraid of you," he replies seriously. "I've seen worse things." You both sit in silence for a few minutes as his bandages your head.
  "So you….you accept me?" You ask.  The boy finally meets your eyes.
  "Yes." You hear him say very quietly.  You feel a dark aura around him, but it's no different than yours. Instinctively, you hug him. He is taken aback at first, but relaxes. He makes no move to return the gesture though.
  "Thank you," you say sincerely. "Thank you whoever you are."
  "I'm Ciel Phantomhive."
  "Then thank you, Ciel." You were surprised about how natural if felt to be so near to him. He was the first person in the world to accept who and what you were. Instantly, that gave you a connection to him.
  His head is in you hair.  He can smell the scent of burnt glass in it, but he doesn't seem to mind.

  Sebastian stands outside the door, listening to you both.  He smiles devilishly.
  "The Master seems to be quite taken with this young half-human half-demon half breed," he mutters. "Maybe that's why he insisted that he be the one to help bandage her up instead of making me do it…."

The End.
Yeez!! This is my thank you to all of my fans for the 2000 page views! Hooray!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
I did one with Ciel because nearly every fan girl I know is in love with him and Seby. :D
I apologize if the story seems a little dull. It was kinda hard coming up with a good plot. ^^; But I think I did well.
Also, it may seem to be a really tuned down For Lovers, but think of it as the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the "Young Master". :flirty:
Thanks again, everyone!!

I don't own Ciel or Sebastian.
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I'll do another one; I was planning on it anyway.
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